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Oct 23, 2014

A Course in Phonetics

Brewing write such a book "phonetics tutorial" is something nearly a decade ago. I was working for the Chinese Peking University undergraduate teaching "phonetics" course, because of the past three decades phonetics extremely rapid development, the lack of a suitable lectures deeply with Chinese students, and to reflect the new phonetics the development of new textbooks, then the idea of ​​moving off once written. Soon after, this door Comrade Li Ka curriculum taught by the king, we consider lectures based on years of experience, try to co-edited a textbook come out of this. I first prepared a written outline, Comrade Wang Li Ka combination according to the outline of his speech quickly wrote the introduction and the first five chapters of the draft, I have to modify the supplement. In the modification process gradually found only as a Chinese undergraduate teaching to write content subject to considerable limitations. At present, the role of phonetics has throughout the various disciplines related to human language, these disciplines are directly or indirectly requires a certain knowledge of phonetics, if the contents of the written open some, might be able to fit the various needs of readers. In this understanding, based on the first five chapters of the draft for me to do a larger changes and additions, some chapters can be said that all of rewriting. Then, I write from six or seven chapters, Comrade Wang Li Ka write the final chapter, "phoneme and distinctive features." After all done by me read finalized. Shortcomings and mistakes in the book exist, should be primarily responsible for me.

Practical Grammar for Teaching Chinese to Foreigners

The book is prepared from the point view of students who study Chinese as a second language and the content is carefully selected and arranged. A number of exercises are included to help the student understand and master the grammar points. The book is for those who have finished
a whole year study of Chinese or have passed level four test. It can also be a teacher reference.

"Practical Grammar for Teaching Chinese to Foreigners" features :( a) clear purpose: The book is completely practical problems for foreign students learning Chinese grammar exist in selected based grammar points; plain language and strive to understand the syntax rules seek principled. Minimize instructions explain concepts and theories in order to achieve the students themselves more easily understand the purpose of this book. Succinctly and training is particularly important for foreign students to learn Chinese language, this book design a large number of targeted help consolidate students to master and apply grammar exercises, it is the students understand the Chinese grammar rules digest important learning aspects. Contrast teaching is an important teaching principles and methods of teaching Chinese Foreign must follow. In contrast aspects of the book highlights two aspects: internal Chinese language similar phenomenon contrast, positive and negative contrast language use cases. (B) concise practicality: To highlight the relevance, breaking the previous book in the style grammar textbook model does not exhaustive, but rather choose to be chosen, the general problem is omitted. Applications from students of Chinese reality, not in isolation, explain the word, but the word has sentence, the sentence has the word, from the word, sentence composition start, taking into account the phrase, sentence structure and pragmatic characteristics. To enable students to modern Chinese grammar overview of the characteristics and have an overall understanding of the book has "Overview" for students to use and reference.

For students to learn grammar, consolidate, improve and level self-test, the book has a lot of different types of exercises, Exercises and Chinese grammar proficiency test questions, questions and content will help students take and pass the HSK Chinese Grammar proficiency test.

Quan fangwei yueyu

Learning Vietnamese via English and Taiwan pinyin or Chinese Mandarin.

Oct 22, 2014

Feixiao not see: the most mine-dead cow jokes

"Do not look at Fei Xiao: most cattle Ray dead jokes" Editor's Choice: Looks like the Monkey King once said, life must give you brilliant sunshine you, give you a flood of ink you, give you a joke you're happy for a long time, 5 cents a joke, do not laugh money!

Summary of the most ridiculous joke, funniest jokes collection, you absolutely laughable to attractiveness! You can do many things, such as clutching his stomach, or on the ground looking teeth ...... looks like the Monkey King once said, life must give you brilliant sunshine you, give you a flood of ink you, give you a joke you on the music for a long time, five cents a joke, do not laugh money!

Studies In Translation History 2012

Table of contents
  • The Translators/Interpreters In the First Opium War, 1839–1842 Part Two: Translators/Interpreters of the British Camp
  • British Empire, sinology and translation: James Legge and the interpreter Cadetship in Hong Kong (1860–1900)
  • The interaction between English-Chinese Dictionary and Chinese-Japanese Dictionary through 19th to 20th Century
  • Medical Advertisement and International Cultural Translation: The Case of Shenbao in Early Twentieth-Century China
  • Miyazaki Toten and the Revolutionary Imagination in Modern China: An Inquiry of Zhang Shizhao's translation of Miyazaki's autobiography My Thirty-Three Years' Dream
  • A portrait of the interpreters in Taiwan During Japanese Rule
  • A Controversy on the Chinese Name of “God”: James Legge and the Term Question, 1877–1880
  • Predecessors of Aide jiaoyu (Education of Love): The Translation History from Cuore to Xin'er jiuxueji (Xin's Journal about School Life)
  • Cultures of translation in early modern Europe
  • Translation in the Malay World ——Different Communities, Different Agendas

Chuan tong yan lian zeng guang (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

Since ancient times, China has a large number of proverbs books published. Since Han Cui Shi on "Simin on order", down to today's national "Proverbs", described as ocean Haobo, beautiful. However, such a special chapter on saying the union into a book, but also quite uncommon. Qing Wang Youguang, Zhangwen Hu has series of "Miss Union under the proverb" and "saying set to" narrow the amount of the series of micro surface, hi, there is a precedent of power, no masterpiece regret it. "Zengguangxianwen" although many of them saying a joint bi characteristics, persevering, saying the non-linked non-hybrid natural white, a bit confused Wu Fan. "The traditional proverb associated augmentation" deliberately eclectic, in the "augmented" basis, a bold attempt to reform: First, full optimization implication, both greatly expanded space, but also as a thin sieve saying, Where Unfortunate good content, style inferior, in detrimental people who foes delete elimination. Second, the book only saying United - just like the form of joint language and prolonged circulating for linking proverb saying the order content in the form of perfection. Again, editor's note is intended to classify sequential weaving, camera rhymes so trivial Fenpi proverb of Feiranchengzhang, sonorous delivered, with a refreshing sweet readability.
This book name "traditional proverb associated augmentation", yet pass the ancient proverb Union nowadays, it is generally not summarized. Therefore, the selection of a little book of modern name ...