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Aug 30, 2014

Chinese Made Easy for Kid (Sample)

"Chinese Made Easy" series is to give readers the mother tongue as a second language learning Chinese materials. Designed for adult readers have been published in the first to the fifth book, the ideal response after the launch, won many schools use. Now as a basis for the introduction of "Chinese Made Easy" (Kids) series.
Kids targeting children, a total of one to four, readers can learn about more than 500 of about 100 words and written in simple text dictation for learning Chinese to establish a good foundation.
"Chinese Made Easy" (Children's Edition) includes textbooks, workbooks and teacher books, children's version of the more complex characters were published version and simplified version. Textbooks for full-color printing, vivid illustrations, along with CD, believe that we can effectively cause the child's interest in learning.

A Modern History of Cultural Exchanges etween China and Other Countries

This book introduces the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the supreme 1920s and 1930s, Chinese local culture and Foreign cultures clash, customs, language, science and technology, industry, commerce, studying, writing, translation, and many other classical level, informative, Chinese language materials and foreign material reflection, structured, and Western High School West and East, each other.

Aug 29, 2014

Transformation of Foreign Affairs and International Relations in China

This book has systematically straightened up China’s changes of foreign relations since reform and opening for 30 years. More than ten experts have made comprehensive introduction and thorough analysis to “China’s changes of diplomacy” from the different relations between China and peripheral regions, the developing countries, the developed countries and the international organizations to China’s modernization of national defense and the dealing with of unconventional security problem, and to the China’s foreign aid and the internationalization advancement of various regions, and even to the establishing advancement of globalization idea in China as well as the theoretical research of international relations etc. It is the first academic work which China educational circles summarize the historic progress of diplomacy in Contemporary China, and many viewpoints and methodologies are proposed for the first time, which is reflected first-class Chinese experts' original angle of view.

Western Ethnic Groups Tubo and relationship

This book describes the relationship between Tibet and Western Tribes of Tubo and South Asia, the relationship between the Central Asian countries, Western Officials and titles seen Tibetan instruments, Tibetan, Chinese literature seen Western names and traffic, Dunhuang, Western Tibetan instruments Dynasty and so on.

History of Foreign Relations of the Chinese Empire 3

Chapter Korea, China and Japan
The second chapter of the Sino-Japanese War
Chapter III of the development of the postal
Chapter IV railway development
Chapter Five China faces carved up
Chapter Six Hundred Days Reform
Chapter VII of the origin of the Boxer
Chapter VIII of the storm outbreak
Chapter IX Beijing and Tianjin
Chapter Beijing embassies to get rescued
Chapter XI powers Strange Bedfellows
Chapter XII diplomatic solution
Chapter XIII Business Agreement
Chapter XIV customs agreement
Chapter XV empire complex death

History of Foreign Relations of the Chinese Empire 2

Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pages Number: 1825 Publisher: Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House; 1 (July 1. 2006). Thomas s History of Foreign Relations of the Chinese Empire. a total of three volumes. Volume I published in 1910 In the remaining two volumes published in 1918. Thomas (1855-1933) is an American graduate of Harvard University. he went to China a long time in China under the control of the British Hurd customs services.