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Jun 25, 2015

Modern Chinese Syntax Analysis


This book is the Shanghai University "Nine Five" key textbook in one volume, mainly on the analysis category in modern Chinese grammar, usage, etc. made a detailed in-depth talk. The book is rich in content, about the comprehensive system, with certain scientific theories, knowledge, and practical, to help readers understand the modern Chinese grammar analysis of the characteristics, usage and the like. Not only is an excellent general teaching universities, but also for the majority of modern Chinese language enthusiasts to learn, use and reference.

Jun 23, 2015

Introduction to Neurocognitive Linguistics

Neurocognitive Linguistics is one of the important linguistic schools rise of the United States' 60s, the founder of the famous linguist Sidney Lamb (Sydney Lamb). The theory is focused on the relationship between linguistics and other disciplines, emphasizing linguistic theory does not contradict the fact that the brain, its simple theoretical arguments thought-provoking. Neurocognitive Linguistics Linguistics is indeed seen to interdisciplinary, involving information science, neurophysiology, cognitive science, communication theory, Glossematics like. The theory is a linguistic theory, at the same time, it can be said is a neurophysiological theory, theory of knowledge, semiotic theory, apply it in cognitive science computer engineering very unique.

Semantics 95

That book describes the progress made in the past three decades semantics, to comment on a variety of perspectives. Papers on the theory of the book is mainly semantic philosopher, logician, and linguists, the next focus of discussion topics within the field of linguistics semantics research.
Title Semantics
Author Xu Liejiong
Edition 2
Publisher Languages Press, 1990
Original from the University of California
Digitized 10 May 2008
ISBN 7800062376, 9787800062377
Length 300 pages

Semantics 92

Author: [English] Jeffrey · N · Leach (Geoffrey N. Leech) with
Press: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press
Original Title: Semantics: The Study of Meaning
Translator: Li Ruihua, etc.
Published: 1987-8
Pages: 558
Price: free
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9787810461702

Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics


This is the earlist and a widely popular textbook on cognitive linguistics. Within the framework of experiential view, prominence view, and attentional view, the book comprehensively and profoundly discusses research objects and methods of cognitive linguistics, systematically interprets its fundamental concepts and principles, generally introducs the theories, and profoundly elaborates on some important issues. The book not only relfects the latest development of cognitive linguistics, but also includes the authors research findings and innovations. Abundant in content and novel in perspectives, it is an important book for learning and researching cognitive linguistics.

An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics

Author: Cheng Qilong
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Published: 2001-3-1
Pages: 288
Price: free
Binding: Paperback (diskless)
ISBN: 9787560017570