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Jul 14, 2014

Import and Export Trade Practice Tutorial

"Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" is a small finance foreign trade business principles and rules of operation as one of the excellent tutorial. The innovation embodied in this tutorial teaching content of teaching and learning phase separation, that content should be considerably less than teachers to teach the content of self-study, improve self-gravity in this tutorial, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching.

"Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" to "import and export business practices and related rule of law" as the research object, and that "Wings" of the study, "one" or "terms of the contract to develop", "wings" were "contract agreed "and" breach of contract performance and relief ", where" terms of the contract to develop "the body is the key, the key difference between this course and other related courses lies. "Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" content to international trade principles as a guide to the rules-based international trade, import and export business of the main line to be launched as the center of trade contracts, this contract towel tightly around the heart, the center of outstanding contracts status and the central role, and as commanding book.

The "Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" style arrangement, highlighting the "capacity-building" to increase the proportion of skills training, each chapter has a "learning objectives and requirements" and other columns, the section marked "proficiency test", in addition also added some reading material and accessories appendix (mainly operating training and trade rules). Each chapter are interspersed, coherent foreign trade business principles, operations and rules aimed at: (1) make the reader aware of the key elements of each chapter: (2) increase the reader's perceptions; (3) to promote further reflection, refining. The ultimate goal of all this is to make the reader systematically and organically out of u master the basic principles involved in the business, operations and regulations.

Political Science

This book is comprehensive, systematic exposition of some of the basic concepts of political science, basic principles and relevant knowledge, more accurately explains the Marxist politics of class, revolution, national,
    Governments and political parties such as the basic categories of political science classic formulation, combined with the times and the development of the theory of political participation, political culture, political development and ethnic and religious politics of some of the major
    Problems made ​​produce imaginative and realistic discourse.
    The book argument rigorous, coherent, presentation standards, especially in the second edition carefully designed according to the actual needs of teaching the "Chapter Summary" and "Questions" and so on, is very suitable for various institutions of politics, administration and international politics and other related professionals teaching and learning needs of students and teachers, political science is a fairly standard introductory textbook.

Graphic Odd Fighters Daquan

"Miracle Fighters" is a classical Chinese writings, also legend, Liu Ren, Tai treasure in the three largest occult, is the highest level of the I Ching predictions, known as the emperor of the study, but also for the world wins good fortune to learn, but also on the celestial, and the movement of the Earth's scientific work, while the Earth's magnetic field is hidden among the Miracle Fighters, and then it changes things in the universe, revealing the development of the laws of nature are the most profound, the most accurate and practical. "Miracle Fighters bible" in the form of drawings easier to understand so that everyone Miracle Fighters.
Qi Men Dun Jia Rong Zhou Yi, astronomy, law calendar, yin and yang theory in one, is currently exploring Chinese traditional decision-making science a focus. In the decision to learn a variety of ancient science, Qi Men Dun Jia is a more complete mathematical model, high fulfillment rates. It is the climate, geography, and the impact on human life and production of certain energy field, with time, the combination of space cleverly together, providing people with a three-dimensional mathematical model as a dynamic simulation of the universe unified information field, and both can be used decision nature, society, all kinds of things in life, you can stay out of trouble time and space to provide people with choice.
In order to promote the Chinese culture, and better use of traditional Chinese Decision Sciences in essence, to make a more comprehensive and accurate decisions, we published a book, the book of "ancient and modern books Integration" Department of the Ministry of the number of patients to test seventeen chapters twenty chapters introduce the Miracle Fighters knowledge of the master copy, and its done feeds and vernacular vernacular graphic, so if the bible text to be popularized, people Qi Men Dun Jia able to understand the relevant knowledge, but also to it can be studied in depth.

Fully Illustrated Cat Psychology

Cat character independent and do not like to be bundle, but many people do not understand this, often with self-righteous thinking to explain the behavior of cats, dogs to cats with experience, the result is of people trapped "cat" lack both are subject to a deep damage. In fact, cats are pets and people close to, as long as you give it more understanding and attention, it will use all of the body and mind to love you in return for your kindness.

This book is your key to open the door to the soul cat, content brings together the latest research in animal behavior expert, describes the knowledge cat to cat and cat habits exchanges, cats and other aspects of human communication, teach you to read cat psychology, cat mingle with the Cheats. On the plate layout, innovative use of the book "Text left" edit mode, with 300 pieces of hand-painted pastel illustrations interesting for you a complete analysis of the psychological cat, bring you happiness, efficient reading experience.

Every call, every movement is expressing its feelings, and you can understand it anyway? In its eyes, you are a mother, lover, friend, and sometimes it's a child, it's not like your heterosexual friends, guests do not like strangers, but fear is a child, a cat society, there is hierarchy, there interaction rules, there social Party.

Interactive graphics, a look through, I wonder if the trend is not in the modern knowledge.

Likes and dislikes about the cat, the cat Revealed magical cat language translation, interpretation of the cat's quirks.

Understand cat psychology, in order to enjoy the fun of cats; recommend 300 pieces of hand-painted pastel illustration + animal behavior scientists; living personality to the game from the training, and it allows you to be affiliated.

Graphic Mansion three books

Graphic mansion three books (China's first real home feng shui classic) ": In recent years, more and more people pay attention feng shui home, when luxury villa renters, home buyers face bamboo shoots skyscrapers or walls when Shen Yuan , always seems to have no choice, cramming, blindly seeking knowledge from or related to feng shui books on the network, and sometimes even be misleading because everyone different, because ancient complex and can not understand the incomprehensible. Compared with this, the "geography Five tactic" author Zhaojiu Feng Qing Feng Shui masters book "mansion third," It is one of the most authentic, classical Feng Shui combat the easiest operation. Its original "three to" concept has been firmly established, and advocate a good residential doors must meet, master bedroom, kitchen, or more than three and five elements. Mansion is described as "three to" fortune and personnel related to the rise and fall of housing each family. "Three to graphic mansion" that is Wencheng Church Edition "mansion three to" as a libretto, was carefully point calibration and edited to straightaway modern vernacular of the original book content translation and interpretation, and according to original content appropriate segmentation section finishing. The greatest feature of this book is to feng shui theory mysterious deep into modern times and feng shui apartment instance, and the image of the apartment with 128 maps, illustrations, vivid and easy to understand, easy to operate, trying to give readers easy feng shui master tips on choosing the perfect good sized, creating a good family house operation.
◆ real authentic Feng Shui: As long as the door to the master bedroom and kitchen, or more than three and five elements, which are the perfect feng shui of the house.
◆ units encompassing guide: 128 image-family legend, taught you to choose to avoid fierce guitar, everyone can understand, and everyone apply.
 ◆ scientific precision ten Kat units: 64 units in Gua Quanji only 10 units, easy to identify, quasi a right for you.

2010 Construction of Two Divisions Licensing Examination Mannequin Britannica: Municipal Public Works Management and Practice

"2010 National Qualification Exam construction of two instructors book: municipal public works management and practice," including: municipal public works construction technology, municipal public works construction management practices, municipal public works relevant rules and regulations of three parts. Each chapter includes a knowledge system, important and difficult, each section includes an integrated test sites, an important test sites explain, simultaneous exercises and so on. The book accompanying the two sets of simulation papers and in 2008, 2009 exam.
"2010 National Qualification Exam construction of two instructors book: municipal public works management and practice" concentrated focus and difficult exam review content concise, focused, rich exercises, detailed answers, both as candidates to participate in the national construction division qualification examination exam resource materials, can also be used as a teaching reference books and students of colleges.