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Sep 15, 2014

Chinese History (Illustrated)

Now the young people, for Tingfu this name, I'm afraid most of them are very strange. However, before the founding of New China, both in academia or politics, he has enjoyed a high reputation. In academia, he is a famous historian, has done Nankai University history professor, Tsinghua University history department to advocate reform historian known at the time; in politics, he is a famous diplomat, has served as Executive Yuan, the KMT government Administrative Director, in the Soviet ambassador, permanent representative to the United Nations, in 1949 and later was used as the Taiwan authorities to the United States for "ambassador." Kuomintang government bureaucrats in the group in order to "know diplomacy" famous.
As a politician, he was the "scholar in politics," one of the representatives, advocates for countries to use what they have learned. In the struggle between the Communist Party, the Kuomintang government despite standing position, and at the United Nations in the obstruction and restore the lawful seat in the People's Republic of China's opposition, but death are reluctant to join the KMT, but also often criticized the authorities' strategy that gives misconduct and political corruption; as scholar, he was recognized as the pioneer of modern Chinese diplomatic experts and this field of research. His diplomatic rule extended from modern Chinese history, wrote a number of useful components of the monograph. His rigorous scholarship life, not much work. Among them the most widely circulated and influential, but not spend a great deal of effort featuring "Modern Chinese diplomatic data series to be", but this is only five thousand words "Chinese modern history."
This thin booklet, not only established his academic position in the field of modern history, and its reflection of his generation and the influx of Western influence Western-trained scholars of higher education, thinking about the country's future, destiny of the nation, society the general mentality of progress by the world's attention when.

The Rise of Modern China 6

According to this book Professor Emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara, Xu about (Immanuel C. Y. Hsu) written by The Rise of Modern China translated it. This book is the English version of the European and American scholars recognized as a Chinese Shi Jingdian of Modern, Traditional Chinese version in Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese communities are also widespread. Professor Xu Zhongyue born in China, Yenching University after graduating from the United States to study in 1954 to obtain a doctorate in philosophy from Harvard University, and historians in the United States has made outstanding achievements. The book by the author amended several times, the introduction of version 6 in 2000, Chinese University of Hong Kong Press to launch Chinese Traditional edition in 2001. Authorized by the Oxford University Press, launched by the company Simplified Chinese version.
The book begins from the Kangxi and Qianlong, which date in the 21st century, elegant rigorous content, language, humor, clever, Nanjing University, Department of History meter Bischofia, Professor Zhu Qing Bao asked two superb place after Mao Jia - qi, money multiply two historian Dan careful proofreading by Professor Xu Zhongyue personally ranking of been swept away to the maximum extent for the Chinese dyslexic readers.
Author steeped in Western academic years, its theoretical positions, views, thoughts and criticisms standards and we tend to vary. Authorized by the copyright owner, we have some of the contents of the book were appropriate and prudent editing process, its inadequacies also invited readers to forgive me.
We know that, the same as Chinese, Professor Xu Zhongyue motherland Impossible Santa Claus with our uniform is topic.
The vast book of more than eighty thousand words, across China four hundred years of history, involving a large number of names, places, organization name, if tainted mistake, feel free to correct me grateful readers timely corrections when to reprint.

History of China Resources

Chinese famous historian, social activist. Hunan Taoyuan people, Uighur.
1916, Jian Bozan admitted to the Beijing Politics and Law College, then transferred to Wuchang Business College. 1924 went to the University of California study. After returning home in 1926, south of Guangdong participate in the National Revolutionary Army. Revolution failed, in the historian Lu Zhenyu, who influence, starting with the Marxist view of painstaking research and historical problems of Chinese society. Has published a "divided nature and stage of historical development of Chinese rural society," "the former feudal era of Chinese rural society" and other papers, co-authored with Lu Zhenyu "Recently the world capitalist economy," a book exposing the Japanese Empire Marxism and reactionary nature of the heinous crime of aggression.

Confidence Chinese 2 - Living in China

Confidence Chinese is designed for adult beginners who need to use the language for practical purposes such as work, travel, holiday and so on. Confidence Chinese Volume 2: Living in China is a course-book for learners in universities, schools, language programmes and for private learning. Confidence Chinese Living in China is designed to develop learners' listening and speaking skills for living in China. It introduces 421 new words and expressions and nearly 500 items of extended vocabulary. These cover a range of situations such as booking a tennis court by telephone, chatting in a teahouse, or explaining things to a domestic worker at home. Many language functions are practiced in the situational dialogues including giving an instruction, making a complaint, showing certainty or uncertainty. The textbook also gives some cultural tips and introduces 95 characters for writing practice. It is based on our in-house Confidence Level Mandarin Chinese language training course for diplomatic staff who will be posted to work in British Embassy, consulates and offices in China. The textbook includes 25 chapters, 2 revisions, transcript for listening practice, vocabulary list and a recorded CD. Confidence Chinese Living in China aims to involve you, the learner, as much as possible in learning process. You will find interesting and authentic materials that are relevant to everyday communicative needs. The materials cover a wide range of topics and situations such as: visiting friends, shopping, taking taxi/bus, renting house, booking tickets and so on. The textbook will make your learning easy, interesting and enjoyable. You will build up your confidence and ability to communicate with every chapter. Confidence Chinese Living in China is jointly produced by the experienced Chinese teachers in language training of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO, equivalent to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the International College for Chinese Studies, Nanjing Normal University, China.
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Sep 12, 2014

Men and Women: realization of beautiful dreams

Men and women make this world more wonderfulmen conquer women by conquering the world, and women conquer the world by conquering men. But sometimes, men and women can not get along harmoniously; they may even become incompatible as fire and water. This book intends to give suggestions to such kind of men and women, and to help them find their life compass for confused people. It aims to help men and women realize their beautiful dreams.

Men are from Mars, Women Are From Mercury. In addition to the man in this world is a woman, a man and a woman make up the world, but men and women sometimes can not harmonious coexistence, and even sometimes to the point where an incompatible. In a woman's eyes, both handsome and smart, personable temperament, a house and a car, caring man is most suitable for them. In the man's eyes, both the United States and gentle, both thoughtful and sensible, affectionate love, feminine woman is interest favorite. However, this world is not a perfect thing, there is no perfect person, and only let yourself constantly to accept perfection.

Sep 5, 2014

China's Financial History - Xia Shang Zhou

Third, the book is on view, there is also more awareness of innovation, which is closely related to the writing group in which writing environment. Because our writing is in loose order out of chaos enlightened 1980s, after two decades of emancipation and rigorous and realistic, flourishing environment conducive to genuine implementation of the "not only on, not only the book, just the only real" principle, to the correction of historians in the past due to various reasons, the idea of ​​forming a biased and distorted understanding.