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Apr 3, 2014

Dictionary of Chemistry

The book introduces basic knowledge, important data and latest progress of chemistry, including inorganic, organic, analysis, materialization, polymer and other chemistry branches, and also including biochemistery, material chemistry, environment chemistry, radiation chemistry, mineral and geochemistry etc.. Content of entry can be divided into two following aspects: firstly conceptual noun, including theorem, theory, concept, chemical reaction, method and others; the other one is material noun, including typical and common chemical substances, introducing structure, property, preparation method and application. According to compilation requirement on the dictionary, starting from individual engaged chemistry branch field, concerning entry selecting, our 26 authors strive for selected entry to be important, or common, or novel or practical; concerning compilation of entry, strive for accurate and scientific content, words are concise and standard. Our wish is to jointly complete one practical chemistry encyclopedia under common collaboration just like 26 phonetic letters. (密码:cFv7)

The cultural classic fast reading system

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Apr 1, 2014

Compounds Dictionary

In order to make better use of the compounds for human services , people are eager to have a closing word broader, richer content , concise and useful compounds specialized dictionaries , and we especially organized scholars to write this dictionary .
Inorganic and organic compounds , including two parts. Some inorganic compounds closed 3929 , included 109 kinds of major elements and in general , common , important inorganic compound names , while newer reference compounds and inorganic compounds manual physical chemistry physical chemistry data listed in the table , space is limited, some of the novel compounds with compounds such as special cluster cOMPOUND laminated possible inclusion compounds etc. . Organic part of the received word 2652 , primarily included in general organic reagents and industrial raw materials , dyes , additives and pesticides. Each content generally include foreign names , chemical formula , molecular weight, physical properties , chemical properties , toxicity, presence , preparation method and uses. Common organic reagent in many organic synthesis, especially the nature of these objects have a more detailed description of the chemical nature , because they are chemically related to the product obtained by reacting with other agents . Industrial raw materials headword stressed their origin and purpose. Dyes, additives , drugs and pesticides are the product of fine organic synthesis , preparation methods and chemical properties of these entries is more complex, generally not detailed in the dictionary , highlighting its use. Is easy to find , attached to the end of the book entry word English-Chinese index.
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Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus Level 4

New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is an expert in foreign language teaching organization Hanban , linguistics, psychology and education in areas such as surveying , full investigation, to understand the actual situation of overseas Chinese teaching , considering the ordinary Chinese learning Chinese language learners and professionals persons , and differences on non- Chinese learners in China China Chinese learners , on the basis of absorbing the advantages of the original HSK , drawing on international tests in recent years, the latest results of research on the language of " international Chinese proficiency standards " as the basis , the introduction of a standardized international Chinese proficiency test . It follows the "test Combination " principle , the purpose is "to test and promote education" , " to test and promote learning" , it is not only concerned about the objectivity of the evaluation , accuracy, attention to the current level of the candidates , and candidates are encouraged to pay attention strategy how great importance to further improve and develop the ability of Chinese candidates . Meanwhile, the new HSK HSK maintaining the original function , and its results can still be used as an important basis for studying and enterprises in China , such as employing .
May 30, 2009 , the new HSK HSK ( a ) , ( two ) in the world's 39 trapped house , 72 Confucius Institute held a total of 3,696 candidates took the exam . The new exam has been an unprecedented warm welcome.
Feedback countries and is designed to be consistent with the new HSK . New HSK strive to become a "springboard " Candidates Chinese learning on the road , rather than the "stumbling block" ; whose difficulty is hard hop hop on the fingertips of candidates , rather than the unattainable ; was generally welcomed by the candidates , and not so formidable candidate ; are encouraging , but not eliminated in nature.
To achieve these requirements, the new HSK test level increased , providing six levels of written , expanding the coverage of the exam ; provide written three separate levels of oral and strengthen the ability of the test to hear ; identify specific vocabulary clear the exam objectives ; using pictures in the papers , and more interesting , closer to the actual communication ; in HSK ( a ) , ( two ) marked on spelling questions , reducing the difficulty of recognizing and reading Chinese characters .
Compared to the old HSK, HSK has a lot of new changes . These changes are adapted to the needs of Chinese Language Council International and the formation of the new situation , and expand the scale of the examination , in favor of the promotion of overseas Chinese , help " Chinese fever" continues to heat up, the world is conducive to enhancing understanding of China , and thus to follow the trend. " The poor are changed , change the pass ." Old HSK is seeking " accessible " and "change" for the new HSK, New HSK often new , it must be able to break new ground and create a greater world.

Chinese Grammar Without Tears

This book is designed for foreign students at the elementary and intermediate levels. The book attempts, through examples and patterns, to explain structural features with which students typically experience difficulty in the course of their study of Chinese. Some chapters also contain notes on important points and common pitfalls. The grammatical explanations are given in Chinese with English translation, and example sentences are given in Chinese characters with Hanyu Pinyin transcription. An excellent reference book for Chinese language. Mr. Thomas Madden, Language Training Officer of the American Embassy, Beijing, helped with the English translation of the text of this book.

"Chinese-English condensed Chinese Grammar Without Tears" for foreign students with the level of middle-class Chinese grammar book written, it can serve as a condensed books, and prepare students with the investigation, as well as a textbook for students to learn to use. "Chinese-English condensed Grammar study manual" doesn traditional grammar system to arrange grammar items, but through examples and simple formula to explain grammatical difficulties encountered by students in learning. From the perspective of Chinese and foreign contrast, the book presents some considerations chapters or extremely prone to bias, to make it easier for students to grasp the characteristics and the basic rules of English grammar. "Chinese-English condensed Grammar study manual" to explain some with English translations, example sentences with Pinyin.
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Mar 31, 2014

Magical Chinese Characters vol.1 - Textbook with 1CD

As the subsequent product of Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters, this series of textbooks can be used independently or as supplementary materials. For each character, its form, meaning, writing method, usage and word formation are introduced in a scientific and practical way. The simple and interesting texts contain the many characters of the same radical, facilitating the students’ memorization and mastery of character.
Pages: 172
ISBN13: 9787561920220
Publication Date: 2008-3
Annotation language: English
Language skill:
Level: Elementary
Category: Chinese Textbooks for Children and Teenagers - Non-Chinese Origin
Medium: Paper, Audio CD
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